Our Story

Our Beliefs

At Kibbles, we believe people should not be forced to pay dozens of dollars for new chargers just because they weren’t built well enough.

Nowadays most products are poorly designed and cheaply manufactured in remote countries, resulting in them consistently breaking.

We wanted to be intentional about our design and manufacturing process.

That’s why at Kibbles keep our design and production processes in Europe, so we can ensure the quality of the products we ship and support the local economy.

No dropshipping, no cheap Chinese products.

Kibbles is designed and manufactured in Madrid. And every product is handmade finished to ensure a top notch final quality.

The story behind the product

Kibbles started with the frustration of Javi Ramirez (@rameerez), a 3D printing enthusiast determined to end the problem that was causing his bank account to show a “-$20 Apple Lightning cable” every few months because his iPhone charger decided to die of frying yet another time.

He designed and manufactured the first Kibbles prototypes in his studio in Madrid, Spain.

The idea got attention from friends and close people so he decided to make it a real product so anyone could solve this problem too.

And thus Kibbles was born.

The story of the development of Kibbles was narrated real-time in this Twitter thread.

How it’s made

When a product order arrives at Kibbles, a 3D printer turns on.

The design of each product is carefully stored in a digital 3D product model that ensures every product will be of exactly the same dimensions at the last one.

The 3D printer loads the required 3D model and the printing process begins.

We print at a very high resolution (about 0.01mm, less half the width of a human hair), so our products –apart from being accurately tight– take about 2 to 5 hours to print, depending on the model and the complexity.

When the printing process is finished, a human takes the piece and cleans it. 3D prints come out of the printer with what’s called raft and support material: required plastic parts for the piece to print correctly but irrelevant for the final product. Those have to be taken care of carefully to avoid damaging the final piece.

Once the piece is clean, the finishing process begins.

The piece is then hand sanded with up to 5 different grit sandpapers to get rid of all imperfections and to achieve a smooth product surface that’s appealing both to the eye and to the touch.

Depending on the model, the product is then painted, sanded again and coated with a thin varnish that ensures lasting quality.

Human intervention makes every Kibbles product unique.

As a final step, the piece is put into its corresponding packaging and into an envelope, ready to be sent to wherever you are in the world 🌍

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