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Stop cable fraying.

Fraying is one of the top reasons cables and chargers break and stop working, and it can kill your $20+ charger in no time. Stop moving around your broken cable and save hundreds in chargers.

Prevent your cables from breaking.

The weakest point on every cable is the junction with its actual connector. Reinforcing it and preventing stress and excessive cable bending in that zone helps preventing and stopping the characteristic cable fraying we've all seen. Every Kibbles was carefully designed to perfect and tightly fit the cable connector it was made for.

Designed and produced in Madrid.

This is not just another product from China. Every Kibbles product has been carefully designed in Europe through an iterative process until its current form to ensure quality and proper functionality. On top of that, every single Kibbles is 3D printed and finished by hand.

Environmentally friendly.

At Kibbles, we try to respect the world we all live in. That's why we make our products from polylactic acid, a biodegradable thermoplastic made from natural resources such as corn starch and sugarcrane that behaves just as any other plastic. On top of that, we don't use any plastic in our packaging to minimize our footprint.

Flexible, yet sturdy.

Don't worry about your cable breaking in a different place after using Kibbles. All Kibbles are flexible on their lower end, that's what the little break lines are for – this acts as a shock absorber and minimizes excessive cable bending.

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